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Commercial Bridging Loans

Cash Flow to Bridge the Gap

A commercial bridging loan is a loan for a short term – usually 12 to 18 months – secured against a commercial property.

To qualify for a commercial bridging loan you need to have a firm strategy in place to repay the loan when it is due – perhaps by selling the property, funding the loan from your business or securing a commercial mortgage.

Basically, a bridging loan provides a cashflow injection when you need it quickly for things like purchasing an investment property, developing or renovating a property, or to fund business expenses. It literally serves as a bridge to cover a shortfall while you’re waiting for mainstream funding for a transaction to kick in.

Access to Fast Funding

Pathway Commercial Finance have access to lenders in Scotland and across the UK which enable us to secure commercial bridging loans of relatively high loan to value (LTV) amounts, with very favourable rates of interest, for our clients.

Bridging loans are ideal for property developers and investors who need interim funds to bring a property up to par to maximise its market value for selling or leasing, and ensure it meets the criteria for a commercial mortgage.

Bridging loans are generally completed in a matter of weeks rather than months, as is the case with a commercial mortgage. Interest rates are therefore higher than a standard commercial mortgage to cover the additional risk to the lender.

Favourable rates of interest for our clients

Flexible, Favourable Loans

Commercial Bridging loans can be used to cover a variety of short-term business funding purposes besides property acquisition.

For instance, you might need a bridging loan to buy in new lines of stock, cover a tax bill, meet a shortfall while awaiting invoice payments, or investing in business growth.

Different lenders have different underwriting criteria, so our specialist commercial finance consultants work closely with our clients to discern the best lenders to approach to strike the most favourable deal for a bridging loan.

Commercial bridging loans are generally unregulated, which means lenders can offer flexibility for a bespoke loan to meet individual needs and circumstances.

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