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Property Refurbishment Finance

Refurbishment Loans

Loans For Property Investors & Landlords

Buying a “fixer-upper” and refurbishing it for onward sale or renting out has become a popular way for property investors to make healthy profits and increase their property portfolio. “Flipping” old, shabby properties has become a lucrative business for those who undertake it shrewdly.

We source refurbishment finance, refurbishment mortgages, property development loans or refurbishment bridging finance for many clients looking to upgrade properties in Inverness, across the Highlands and the whole of Scotland. The loan amount secured is dependent on the ultimate rental or sale revenue the property will achieve once refurbished.

Very often a loan can be secured that can be used to finance the purchase of a property as well as the cost of refurbishing it.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to refurbishment loan deals. Each case is evaluated individually by lenders, and our experts are able to advise and prepare the way to facilitate eligibility for mortgages and loans available from appropriate lenders.

Our specialist property refurbishment finance consultants will work with you to find a refurbishment loan that will suit your particular requirements and circumstances, whether you are seeking to invest in refurbishing or converting a single dwelling, multiple dwellings, block of flats, a commercial property or an HMO. You can seek a loan as an individual, a partnership or a company.

Light & Heavy Refurbishment Finance

Typically lenders will have two types of property refurbishment loans available. Which type you qualify for is dependent on the type of renovation work you plan to carry out.

A Light Refurbishment loan is designed for small scale cosmetic refurbishments where the use and structure of the building will remain unchanged. It covers basic repairs and upgrades, like rewiring, installing heating, plastering, decorating, new windows and renovating a kitchen or bathroom. A light refurbishment is only suitable in cases where the work doesn’t need planning permission or building regulations approval.

If you’re planning a major refurbishment project or that results in “change of use” of the property, then you’ll need Heavy Refurbishment finance. In this case you may want to undertake structural works, add property extensions or carry out conversions.

Anything that goes beyond even a “heavy” refurbishment – like turning a warehouse into flats, for example – needs to be financed with a Development Loan rather than Refurbishment finance.

Our advisors will work with you to ascertain which type of refurbishment finance would be best suited to your project.

Tailored Applications for Good Deals

Pathway Commercial Finance has access to a wide pool of lenders in Scotland who offer property refurbishment finance.

You won’t easily find High Street lenders offering these products, but we have a pool of providers and access to the best rates, with the expertise to guide you through the process. We are used to dealing with the complexities of applying for such loans in order to find the best tailor-made deal for our individual clients.

We’ll find the most favourable available interest rates (heavy refurbishment loans usually command higher rates than light loans), borrowing terms and LTV (Loan to Value) on your behalf.

With our help you’ll be able to obtain a refurbishment loan in a hurry, because we know time is usually of the essence when you’re planning a refurbishment project.

Refurbishing a property is an exciting and rewarding process. Having an experienced advisor like Pathway working with you can save you time, money and frustration on your journey to success.

Here at Pathway Commercial Finance Ltd, we provide ethical, effective and honest brokerage services.We’re proud of the excellent reputation built on the trusted advice and guidance across locations including; 

We provide a catalogue of services, of which we have vast expertise. These services include property finance, business finance, bridging loans, and refurbishment loans. Our specialist consultants will guide you through every step and help you take the stresses of finance off your shoulders.

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