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Turn that capital into a positive cash flow

There is no better feeling than when a case completes and the client gets the outcome they had hoped for.

I recently helped one of my clients refinance their portfolio of 7 properties based in Greenock and raised over £180k of capital for future property investment.

It was an especially long and protracted case for various reasons:

– Intercompany loans
– The low value of the properties within the portfolio (sub £50k)
– Ex-council properties
– Start-up business generating the funds to purchase the properties
– Evidencing source of funds

As you can imagine, the client is excited and can’t wait to put that money to work and continue to grow their portfolio and their wealth. With many lenders offering 80% loan to value at competitive rates, the plan is to turn that capital into a positive cash-flowing portfolio of property worth over £750k and I’m looking forward to helping make it happen.

It just shows you what is possible providing the right lender is on board, communication is clear and everyone is determined to get a positive result!

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